Looking to visit the vibrant city of Los Angeles but not sure where to stay? You’re in luck because this article will provide you with a breakdown of the best areas in LA to consider for your accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, beachfront views, or trendy boutiques, this guide will help you choose the perfect neighborhood to make your stay in LA unforgettable. What Area Is The Best To Stay In LA?

What area is the best to stay in LA? This question may seem simple, but the truth is that Los Angeles is a vast city with many diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique experience. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, it’s important to consider your needs, preferences, and budget when choosing where to stay in the City of Angels. In this friendly and informative guide, we’ll explore some of the best areas to stay in LA based on different factors such as proximity to attractions, safety, affordability, and local amenities. Let’s dive in!


Ah, Hollywood – the glitz and glamor capital of the world! If you’re a film buff, a starstruck tourist, or simply want to be in the heart of the action, Hollywood may be the perfect area for you to stay in LA. With its iconic Walk of Fame, the historic TCL Chinese Theatre, and the bustling Hollywood Boulevard, this neighborhood has no shortage of things to see and do.

Hollywood is also a central location with easy access to other parts of LA via public transportation or rideshares. You’ll find a variety of hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and budget accommodations in this area, making it suitable for all types of travelers.


  • Proximity to major attractions
  • Vibrant nightlife and entertainment options
  • Many accommodation choices for different budgets


  • High tourist traffic can make it crowded
  • Some parts of Hollywood can be noisy and not as safe at night

Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for a more upscale and luxurious experience during your stay in LA, Beverly Hills is the place to be. Known for its lavish mansions, high-end shopping on Rodeo Drive, and celebrity sightings, Beverly Hills exudes sophistication and glamour like no other neighborhood in the city.

Beverly Hills offers a range of upscale hotels, luxury resorts, and boutique accommodations for those seeking a posh and exclusive experience. While it may come with a higher price tag, the amenities, service, and ambiance of Beverly Hills make it a desirable choice for discerning travelers.


  • Exclusive and upscale atmosphere
  • Designer shopping and dining options
  • Beautiful tree-lined streets and manicured gardens


  • Higher cost of accommodation and dining
  • Limited nightlife compared to other neighborhoods

Downtown LA

Downtown LA, or DTLA as locals call it, is the bustling urban center of the city that offers a mix of history, culture, and modern amenities. As the financial and cultural hub of Los Angeles, Downtown is home to iconic landmarks like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the historic Bradbury Building.

Staying in Downtown LA puts you in close proximity to major attractions, museums, theaters, and art galleries. The area is well-connected by public transportation, making it easy to explore other parts of the city without a car. You’ll find a range of hotels, serviced apartments, and boutique accommodations in Downtown, catering to different tastes and budgets.


  • Close to cultural attractions and museums
  • Good public transportation access
  • Diverse dining and nightlife options


  • Skid Row area may affect safety in some parts of Downtown
  • Can be crowded and noisy, especially during events and festivals

Santa Monica

For a quintessential Southern California experience by the beach, Santa Monica is a top choice for visitors to LA. This beachside city offers a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere with its sandy shores, bustling pier, and vibrant Third Street Promenade lined with shops, restaurants, and street performers.

Santa Monica is a great area to stay if you enjoy outdoor activities like biking, surfing, or simply soaking up the sun. You can choose from oceanfront hotels, boutique inns, vacation rentals, and budget accommodations in this area. With its picturesque beachfront setting and easy access to attractions like the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, Santa Monica is a popular choice for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.


  • Beautiful beachfront location
  • Many outdoor activities and attractions
  • Walkable streets and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods


  • Higher accommodation costs, especially near the beach
  • Can be crowded with tourists, especially in peak seasons

Silver Lake

If you’re looking for a hip and trendy neighborhood with a more laid-back vibe, Silver Lake may be the best area for you to stay in LA. Known for its indie music scene, eclectic dining options, and vibrant street art, Silver Lake offers a unique blend of creativity and culture that attracts artists, musicians, and young professionals.

Silver Lake is located east of Hollywood and Downtown LA, making it a convenient base to explore different parts of the city. You’ll find boutique hotels, guesthouses, Airbnb rentals, and charming bed-and-breakfast accommodations in this area, giving you a taste of local hospitality and creativity.


  • Artsy and eclectic neighborhood vibe
  • Trendy shops, cafes, and eateries
  • Easy access to other parts of the city


  • Limited hotel options compared to other neighborhoods
  • Can be more spread out and less walkable in some areas


For a taste of LA’s rich cultural diversity and vibrant nightlife, Koreatown is a top choice for visitors looking to experience the city’s melting pot of influences. Located west of Downtown LA, Koreatown is a bustling and dynamic neighborhood known for its authentic Korean BBQ restaurants, karaoke bars, and late-night clubs.

Koreatown offers a mix of budget-friendly accommodations, hostels, and boutique hotels for visitors looking to stay in a central location with easy access to public transportation. With its lively atmosphere, diverse dining options, and unique cultural experiences, Koreatown is a great choice for travelers who want to immerse themselves in LA’s multicultural tapestry.


  • Authentic Korean dining options
  • Lively nightlife and entertainment scene
  • Affordable accommodation choices


  • Limited attractions compared to other neighborhoods
  • Can be crowded and noisy, especially at night

Venice Beach

For a bohemian and eclectic beachfront experience, Venice Beach is the place to be in Los Angeles. Known for its colorful boardwalk, artistic community, and vibrant street performers, Venice Beach embodies the free-spirited and unconventional vibe that LA is famous for.

Staying in Venice Beach gives you easy access to the sandy shores, quirky shops, and unique eateries that make this neighborhood one of a kind. You’ll find a mix of budget-friendly hostels, boutique hotels, vacation rentals, and Airbnb options in Venice Beach, catering to different traveler preferences and budgets. Whether you’re into surfing, people-watching, or simply enjoying the ocean breeze, Venice Beach offers a laid-back and memorable experience in LA.


  • Bohemian and artsy beachfront vibe
  • Unique shops and street performers
  • Relaxed and eclectic atmosphere


  • Can be crowded and touristy, especially in peak seasons
  • Limited parking and traffic congestion in some areas

In conclusion, the best area to stay in LA ultimately depends on your personal preferences, budget, and travel style. Whether you prefer the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the upscale luxury of Beverly Hills, the cultural diversity of Koreatown, or the bohemian beachfront vibe of Venice Beach, there is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that will suit your needs.

Consider factors such as proximity to attractions, safety, accommodation options, dining choices, and local amenities when choosing where to stay in LA. With a little research and planning, you can find the perfect neighborhood that will make your stay in the City of Angels truly unforgettable. Enjoy your time in LA and happy exploring!